Lekue Macaron Kit with Decomax Pen and Baking Sheet

The only macaron baking kit you’ll ever need.

Macaron Baking Kit by Lekue

Create Amazing Macarons

Macarons make the perfect, little, sweet accompaniment to any time whether its dessert, coffee or tea.


A Complete Solution by Lekue

A complete solution to make french macarons includes decomax pen, special macaron baking sheet and recipe booklet.

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Lekue’s Macaron Kit is a complete solution.

Lekue’s Macaron Kit is a complete solution for making French macarons; includes decomax pen, special macaron baking sheet and recipe booklet as a set. No need to scour the web to make separate purchases. Buy now and get started immediately.

Specially created mat for your macaron baking needs.

The macaron baking set includes a specially created mat that has marks and edges for guidelines to make the perfect macaron. Beyond that, the mat’s structure (made with silicone and fiberglass) allows for optimum distribution of heat and uniform cooking in a shorter time, allowing you to create great tasting and beautifully baked macaron’s quicker and easier.

Dishwasher safe Decomax pen.

Decomax pen is dishwasher safe. You can easily bake great tasting delicacies, and maintaining the baking kit is also a breeze.

You’ll Love the Lekue’s Macaron Kit

Lekue is a creator of practical and revolutionary solutions with a touch of simplicity for today’s modern society to do cooking and baking easier. Lekue’s macaron kit takes French macaroons baking to a whole new level.